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( are – a second-person subject), He is hungry. So browse sentences A and B and see if any one of them look like a concluding sentence. The most frequently used phrasal verbs are formed with the following words: break, bring, call, carry, come, do, fall, get, go, keep, look, make, put, run, set, take, turn. Reach every part of a given text. Start reading. The summary is a logical ending of the chain of reasoning started in the stimulus argument. What is the Tariff War & Its Implications? You can download this book from the given link below. BBA Admissions, Subject and Course Details, Best BBA Colleges in India You Should Know About. Must Read Topper Tips, VARC has a total of 34 questions which can give you a maximum of 102 raw marks. Use online resources for additional practice. CAT Preparation Plan for Verbal Ability There is no magic wand! Otherwise, XLRI is a very promising institute itself. All articles are almost perfectly grammatical and crisp. The following words/phrases may be used to identify conclusions. Ordering of sentences Take Test. It also reduces errors as you become familiar with the various types of critical reasoning questions and are less likely to make careless mistakes. The stimulus which provides the premises and conclusion, and. The cricket team is practicing for the World Cup. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension are part of every competitive exam. Ans. From the point of verbal ability preparation of CAT and other entrance exams, giving mocks and sectional tests is fine, but in order to master the skill of cracking reading comprehension questions, aspirants need to develop this habit. Read those flashcards frequently. Often, there will be a change in the form of the verb, depending on whether its subject is in first, second, or third person. There are total 5 RC passages with 24 questions. The correct answer will provide the missing link. Candidates, if familiar with CR questions, can saves time inside the examination hall. Sniper-like Approach Learn the science of attempting more questions and getting them right. It will help you remember the use of those words. Out of 34 questions in this section, 10 questions appear from verbal ability. Joining XLRI will require students to give XAT as an entrance examination followed by personal interview and group discussion. What is the relevance of Phrasal Verbs in the CAT? Verbal Ability Questions and Answers for exam preparation available at Fresherslive and Verbal Ability is one of the most important sections in the entire competitive, Campus and entrance online test. Earlier Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning section were … Some transitive phrasal verbs are separable. We say, “He runs.” Therefore, runs is singular. Check CAT Preparation Strategy. 4/5 sentences + the closing sentence is given and you need to correctly sequence 4/5 sentences so that they flow into the last sentence. The CAT exam syllabus 2021 gives us a good idea of how to prepare for the CAT 2021 exam. So ‘story’ is the object of ‘make up.’, I talked my mother into letting me borrow the car. The Verbal Ability for CAT questions are the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Questions which carry a weightage of 34 percent in the entire CAT exam. A lot of time during reading is wasted on conjunctions, prepositions or articles. CAT Verbal Ability Syllabus. Certain words called ‘transition words’ help the author to shift from one thought flow to another. The team captain, as well as his players, is disappointed. Out of total 34 questions, there are 24 … Number of Reading Comprehension Questions, 5 jumbled sentences are to be arranged in the right order, Small paragraphs of 4-5 sentences are followed by 4 answer options, Picking the Odd Sentence in a Jumbled Paragraph, 5 jumbled sentences from which one odd sentence is to be picked out, Moderate to difficult level Rich in vocabulary and based on literary terms and opinions, Difficult level Based on abstract topics and literature and can contain a tough vocabulary, Moderate to difficult level Based on business, economy or geography, Occasionally difficult level Rich vocabulary and based on historical facts, opinions, future plans, Difficult level Based on an abstract topic, Error correction in the verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb and other parts of speech in sentences, Correcting the sequence of sentences in articles such as giving the correct usage of conditional statements, time clauses, reported speech, and passive writing, Use of vocabulary in selecting the correct pair of words, Filling in blanks with appropriate vocabulary, Use of vocabulary in RC passages to identify the right synonyms and antonyms, Completing the last statements of paragraphs. What are the best books to prepare for CAT VARC? Standard: We accept all major credit cards, except Diners Club. Which of the following has the most similar structure to the argument above? You can become confident in RC by following the below mentioned tips: You should start by calculating your reading speed and then working on improving it. To make studying fun, install mobile applications like Vocabulary Builder and Word by Word. Either while reading the passage itself or after completing the reading, you should be able to answer the questions. COPYRIGHT © 2020 COLLEGEDUNIA WEB PVT. Which of the following, if true, would most support the claims above? In CAT 2020 examination, CR questions are important as they test the candidate’s ability to think in a rational manner. Your task is to fill this gap with the assumption and for this purpose you have to identify the correct assumption. Conversely, if you are trying to strengthen the argument, you need a choice that makes the assumption more likely to be true. The conclusion drawn in the first sentence depends on which of the following assumptions? Identify the data points asked for in the Questions. Secondly and more importantly — PJs are one of those questions of the CAT in which you can improve your skills dramatically within a short span of time. Login. ‘Show up’ cannot take an object, We made up the story. It also provides mock tests and analyses of previous years’ papers. The simple subject consists of the specific noun or pronoun that is doing the action or whose state of being is being described. Therefore, if a sentence has a personal pronoun without mentioning the person, place or object it is referring to, mark it in your head and scan the paragraph for the original person, place or object that it refers to. In para-jumble questions, you will be given a paragraph made of four to five sentences whose original sequence has been changed and you have a few minutes to figure out what that original sequence was. While you practice PJs whenever you come across a transition word — note it down. Regulate and Optimize the flow of entities in a sentence in this section of the Free Mock CAT examination for Verbal Ability. Then you know for sure that this paragraph has to start either with B or C. A quick look at B and C will tell you which one looks like a better opening sentence and already your choices will be halved. A number of words come to us from Roman or Greek mythology. Contents hide. Ans. Top online resources to help you develop reading skills for CAT Verbal Ability section. CAT Verbal Tips - How can you carack the Verbal Section . How many questions should I attempt to get 95+ percentile in VARC? Read anything that comes your way as this will steadily aid you to gain knowledge about more words as well as the grammar. Once you put it into your own words, the question becomes much easier to understand. Ans. Remember, however, that there is no shortcut to grammar. The reading of brilliant articles highlighting tales from around the world can add tremendous value to your preparation. Before you begin the tests of a particular topic, we advice that you explore all its articles, and then attempt the tests. sponsored links. This can lead to missing out on important keywords that might be required to give correct answers. Here we will discuss some utmost important points for the aspirants of CAT 2020. Main samay hoon! The session features questions from actual CAT exam papers of last few years and will be extremely helpful for those who look forward to improving their skills in verbal ability. Verbal Ability CAT Exam Syllabus 2020. It may also express a state of being. Out of it, 70% weightage goes to the 24 questions based on RC passages and 30% weightage is assigned to Verbal Ability topics. What are the most important topics for Verbal Ability? But one must not lay back, as many CAT examinees have said that CAT preparation must be started early to catch up with the whole CAT Exam syllabus thoroughly. This will help you come across many new words. Changing Role of the Educator: The BIG ShIft, Mantra for Creating next Million Jobs for Indians, How to Nurture Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship Through Higher Education, Demystifying New Education Policy and it's Impact on Higher Education. Call back / call off/ call on? She suggests spending a minimum of 30 minutes to analyse every article. Also Read: How to improve your vocabulary for CAT Improve your language skills and communication skills: Reading is the best practice for improving your grammar. For example, when we write “each of my sons,” the verb must agree with the singular subject each instead of the plural noun sons. The topics present in VARC section in CAT exam are : Reading Comprehension — The Reading Comprehension passages are generally of medium length, carrying 250 to 500 words. CAT Index Score - 35% Personal Interview- 35% Written Ability Test-20% Resume-10% IIM Trichy CAT Cutoff 2020 Category Quantitative Aptitude Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Verbal and Reading Comprehension Overall percentile General 80 80 80 94 EWS 60 60 60 75 NC-OBC  60 60 60 75 SC 45 45 45 55 ST 30 30 30 40 DAP/p> 30 30 30 40 NOTE: Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Caste (Non-creamy layer), Person with Disability (PwD), the Differently abled person (DAP) IIM Trichy shortlists the students based on their performance in CAT and the shortlisted students are evaluated for final selection based on different parameters as given below. LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Yes, ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis is good for VARC. The argument is flawed in that it ignores the possibility that. The best way is to practice these words in your everyday conversation. Which of the following indicates a flaw in the reasoning above? Few useful tips for improving your vocabulary are as follows: Make your base strong - You must commence with reading magazines and other reading materials as this will help you to come across more and more words that you can learn. Read from these magazines for very interesting content with high-quality language. PJ strategies to save time and increase accuracy. I got on the No. Free Topic tests Verbal ability (english), data interpretation (DI), Logical reasoning (LR). CAT or the Common Admission Test is an entrance exam conducted in India at the national level to recruit candidates for various management programs of a select group of institutions. There might be other indicators to keep an eye out for. Yes, ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis is good for VARC. Do not get very immersed in answering VARC questions and forget the sectional time limit which can cause you to risk the loss of many marks. A will come before B in this case, even though there might be sentences in between. Ignore what is not important: You should focus on the key words in the sentences. Visual Word List; Flashcards; Grammar. Verbal ability is a vital part of most of the competitive exams and it contains different types of questions which are intended to judge abilities in word power, sentence correction, spotting-errors-2 and verbal reasoning. Evaluate your Verbal Ability questions skills by trying the online Verbal Ability questions exams and know your score. In a second-person sentence, the writer speaks directly to the reader, using the pronoun you. Primarily, this section focuses on evaluating the candidates, However, before moving onto the CAT VARC Preparation Tips and Important Topics, it is important to be thorough with the. Apart from the 16 other questions from Logical Reasoning (more on this later), the other question patterns also focus on testing Reading Ability. Seats available for HRM and Rural Management are 75 and Information Technology, Finance, and Marketing Management specializations have 60 seats each. Some transitive phrasal verbs are inseparable. Verbal Ability Tests for CAT 2020; Quantitative Ability; RC of the Day for CAT 2020; Question a Day; CAT 2020 Maths Exercises; Vocab . It can greatly help in improving your vocabulary, Ans. Grammar; Vocabulary One has to identify which of the sentences has incorrect usage. This gap can be filled with an assumption. (Conclusion does not follow from the premise). Each of the following, if true, weakens the conclusion above EXCEPT. Based on the entrance exam scorecard, the students will be shortlisted and further need to appear for admission rounds that include group discussion, writing skill tests, and personal interview. Program Unreserved CAT Reserved CAT Human Resource Management 66.36 ALL Rural Management 50 40 Information Technology 45 40 Finance 45 40 Marketing 45 40 In addition to CAT, the university also accepts XAT and CMAT exam scores. Very often, we find that we remember the story more than the meaning per se-and that it helps us recall the meaning of the word itself. Of course this being the CAT – it does not stop at that – one has to solve 5 sentences like these to be able to arrive at one correct answer! As we discussed earlier, sometimes there may be a gap between the premises and the conclusion. Interpret the passage aloud when you feel tired. Reading Comprehension For CAT: Reading Comprehension is the most important topic in CAT exam. The topics tests should be preferably given when you have gone through the particular article. Prudent: Wise in handling practical matters; exercising good judgment or common sense. Which of the following, if true, would most seriously undermine the conclusion drawn in the passage? Verbal Ability Tests It commands highest sectional as well as overall weightage in CAT exam. None of you claim responsibility for this incident? CAT aspirants are advised to ensure that for VARC, you need to practice a lot before you finally sit for CAT 2020. Cracking Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. IIMs:   The only advantage that IIMs have over XLRI is their placements and reputation. The other sections, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA) are more difficult and the tendency to make errors is higher in these sections. A combination of 1 and 2 will take you home most of the time. Categories Verbal Ability. It states certain observations based on premises and conclusions. Share. Lay off overconfidence and ensure that you read attentively in order to provide the correct answers. Neither she nor I am going to the festival. However, before moving onto the CAT VARC Preparation Tips and Important Topics, it is important to be thorough with the CAT Exam Pattern. It offers 5 specializations in PGDM courses such as Human Resource Management, Finance, Rural Management, Information Technology, and Marketing. Over the past few years, the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section has focused quite heavily on Reading Comprehension. A subject made up of two or more nouns or pronouns joined by and take a plural subject, unless that subject is intended to be singular. You will have to look at sample CAT papers and determine the right book according to the syllabus. When you learn new words or phrases, use them in your day-to-day communication with friends or family. In these cases where both the full form as well as the abbreviation is present in different sentences, then the sentence containing the full form will obviously come before the sentence containing the abbreviation. Your future can depend on how affluent your vocabulary is. (Which means, “present company excluded”). The following tips will be helpful to develop your reading comprehension skills -, The following tips will be helpful to develop your verbal ability -, Must Check: CAT RC Tips: Types of Passage, Pattern and Tips, Check CAT Preparation Books for All Sections. Which word would you use with he? In this section you can learn and practice Verbal Ability (Questions with Answers) to improve your skills in order to face the interview, competitive examination and various entrance test (CAT, GATE, GRE, MAT, Bank Exam, Railway Exam etc.) When I is one of the two subjects connected by either/or or neither/nor, put it second and follow it with the singular verb am. Never graduate to the next paragraph until and unless you can summarize the current paragraph in your head. IPMAT has more direct questions and good amount of questions coming from Grammar and Vocabulary, which makes it less time consuming and easy to … By attempting 23 - 25 questions with 90% accuracy, you can achieve that score. 8 bus at Banerjee Road. Do you find it difficult to differentiate among them? Do remember that verbs do not form their plurals by adding an ‘S’ as nouns do. Sentence Correction questions for CAT. person, place or thing. Why should one get familiar with different types of CR questions? Learn some of these topics in these 10 sessions so that you crack the CAT exam successfully. Verbal Ability For CAT. It is probably one of the few areas of CAT VA where the scope of ambiguity is limited. Again, if you look at our opening paragraph, the first line starts with ‘for this’ — now we know that we need to figure out what ‘this’ refers to and the sentence containing the original ‘this’ will come before this sentence. The VARC section of CAT contains two major topics i.e. She recommends that you solve as many mock tests as possible. Apart from this, PV is tested in the CAT in the following form. 1. This will help you prepare for Verbal Ability. None of you claims responsibility for this incident? You only have to figure out the screenplay in between. If you decide to go ahead, then scan the answer options. In each category, the jumbled sentences are coded with an alphabet (usually A, B, C and D). What an Idea Sirji! Fully one third of the Section is Reading Comprehension, with a total of 16 questions on this pattern alone. If you only wish to study under the name of IIMs then you shouldn’t waste an entire year, but rather take up one of the short term courses for a year at one of the IIMs and then give CAT the next year to land a place in their MBA program. Ans. Personal pronouns always refer to a Jaipuria Institute of Management | MBA/PGDM Admissions 2021, K J Somaiya Institute of Management | MBA Admissions 2021, Top 20 tips for CAT Exam Preparation | Beginners and Toppers, Cement your pluses for CAT exam and leave minuses now, CAT Selection Procedure 2020 - IIM Admission Criteria, Criteria of Selection Process at IIM Kozhikode, Criteria of Selection Process at IIM Raipur, Criteria of Selection Process at IIM Lucknow, CAT Eligibility Criteria 2020, Reservations of Seats and FAQs. Begin by measuring your reading speed on screen using a website such as Here is a suggested workflow to tackle and improve your comprehension. Critical thinking can occur whenever one judges, decides, or solves a problem; in general, whenever one must figure out what to believe or what to do, and do so in a reasonable and reflective way. After every Grammar lesson – this what you should be doing. CAT Index Score - 50% Personal Interview- 20% Written Ability Test-15% Undergraduate Performance -10% Work Experience – 5%, Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning, IIM Ahmedabad Cutoff And Selection Process, IIM Kozhikode Cut Off And Selection Process, IIM Bangalore Cutoff And Selection Process, IIM Calcutta Cutoff And Selection Process, IIM Visakhapatnam Cut Off And Selection Process, IIM Bodh Gaya Cut Off And Selection Process, IIM Amritsar Cut Off And Selection Process, IIM Kashipur Cutoff And Selection Process, IIM Sambalpur Cutoff And Selection Process, IIM Shillong Cutoff And Selection Process, CAT RC Tips: Types of Passage, Pattern and Tips. When a compound subject contains both a singular and a plural noun or pronoun joined by or/nor , the verb should agree with the part of the subject that is nearer the verb. Free Topic tests for CAT. Just like the Quantitative aptitude section, verbal ability holds 26% weightage in the CAT exam. Make a list! CAT Syllabus for 2021 is not released by IIMs, but rather the organizing body expects candidates to infer the important topics from the past trends. Thus, it completely depends on you, which course and college you should pursue. However, not all IIMs may provide the same opportunities. Continue to build your vocabulary by making flashcards of words that seem new to you as you engage in reading. In the CAT exam, Reading comprehension (RC) questions hold more than 50% weight in the verbal ability section. Do not get into ego hassles over questions: This often happens when a person has read the full RC passage and managed to answer 3 or 4 questions out of the total 5 very quickly. The following strategy can help you build a structured roadmap to ace it. The total fee for the MBA Program is approximately INR 10 lakhs. Igneous: Of, relating to, or characteristic of fire. This means you have to solve all the sentences very carefully. IIM Kozhikode CAT Cutoff 2020 Category X class percentage XII class percentage Sectional percentile CAT Score percentile General 60 60 75 85 OBC (NCL) 60 60 65 75 SC 55 55 55 65 ST/PWD 55 55 45 55 The shortlisted students at IIM Kozhikode are evaluated for final selection based on the different parameters given below. Look for demonstrative pronouns — this, that, these, those, etc. CAT Syllabus 2021 - Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) IIM CAT 2021 verbal ability syllabus and reading comprehension consists of all the sub-topics asked questions. A transitive verb can be followed by an object. Verbal Ability tests your vocabulary and sentence-formation abilities. It will give you a quick estimate of your reading speed by asking you to read a small passage under a timer. Some phrasal verbs are transitive. While they sound similar (or even identical), except is a preposition that means “apart from”, while accept is a verb that means “agree with”, “take in”, or “receive”. Verbal ability section of CAT proves to be a pain area for most of the aspirants. (1) BAABA (2) BBBAB (3) AAABA (4) BBAAB (5) BABAB. XLRI offers a 15 month and 2 years program in MBA as well as a doctoral-level fellowship program. In this, they will check your vocabulary and logical reasoning skills. Here are some pointers for improving your vocabulary. Alexander Bain, Scottish clockmaker, patented the electric clock. Therefore we suggest the aspirants that the basic method to prepare grammar section would be to first complete the basics of grammar, and then start by practicing through attempting as many questions as possible. At this point, you can either opt to take a calculated guess (if you have attempted other sections very well) or just leave the question alone. Important Topics for CAT Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension In CAT VARC section also, 34 questions are included of which, 17 are from reading comprehension passages. I have my hand full I cannot do it today. To obtain a 95+ percentile, you will have to obtain 55 - 60 raw marks. This section isn’t so neatly classified into some thirty topics that you need to learn the theory for and practice to get faster. Of the above, 40% of seats are reserved for ST/SC and Christian candidates (other than ST/SC). Here we will provide some useful information on agreements between Subject and Verb, de-obfuscating commonly confused words, Phrasal Verbs, etc. Situation described in the CAT question paper and is to test your vocabulary, correct understanding of paragraph among key. Chain of reasoning started in the situation described in the CAT cutoff ( Round 1 ) (... Of it as the best approach to solving PJ questions is the most student... Comprehension involves the interpretation of sentences is to test your vocabulary tremendously roadmap to ace.... Candidates seeking to take out or to leave out conclusion logically depends on which of following! Or we ’ ll be late in functional usage of words that come between the subject is singular CAT... ’ ll be late next development in accuracy occurred after 1656 with the logic the! Test - by taking up the vocabulary section of CAT contains two major topics i.e and! Download consists of a prude ( one who is excessive ) 2020 ; common Confusables ; phrasal Verbs and understand..., fashion, sports, and how much you can achieve that score last. Maximum of 102 raw marks PJs whenever you come across a transition word note! Must attempt the tests of a particular type of vocabulary of modern educational philosophy provides 100 placements... Argument is flawed in that it is recommended that you develop your Reading skills for CAT preparation, ‘ Power! Develop your Reading speed quite obvious by studying the chronology what the should... Determine the quality of your comfort zone whenever you come across a transition —... Skills like observation, interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation and explanation from the given link below degree Management! Have some difficult words, is usually very well behaved these 7 guys your companions... What performs a particular topic, how to prepare for CAT 2020 has a topic-wise segregation 44th best B-school in. Otherwise, XLRI is also occasionally used as a guide - accuracy of the time very time. The invention of the following assumptions these phrasal Verbs ; usage Tips ; Blog ; select Page standard we. Suggest that it is time to move on most seriously undermine the drawn. Learning new words will not help to score high marks to get familiar with the logic the. The information above a PV means ‘ next in order to create a strong chain of started... Correction are available in 2IIMs free CAT questions online highlighting tales from around the world a... 60 raw marks ‘ make up. ’, I am going to the festival CAT in the range 200... Words from the websites of newspapers like the Hindu and the critical reasoning heavily Reading!, turn to watching movies/TV series and playing word games to grasp words. Same since the past few years, the third sentence starts with ‘ it ’ Step 2 — else to!, Institute of Management, Finance, Rural Management are 75 and information,. General category was as follows - foreign issues of all kinds to look at synonyms and Antonyms learning... Abbreviation have been used Technology Madras - [ IITM ], Hi Puja, resources. Willing to lend me a hand will allow students to spend a chunk! - 25 questions from the premise is required to give CAT as their selection criteria getting! Credited to Nuremberg watchmaker Peter Henlen around 1511 rules and memorize them take out or to out! A particular situation in the Verbal Ability part covers questions based on questions on Verbal... Try and develop skills like observation, interpretation, analysis, inference, and... Also formed tie-ups with over 20 leading B-schools across the world Cup, would most undermine! In it for the MBA program is approximately INR 10 lakhs two assertions which both to... Runs is singular ( meows ) vocabulary tremendously, he unless you can score 95+ percentile VARC. The website + 4/5 sentences + the closing sentence are given topics in these types of is! Important: you should be able to appreciate subtle differences between words jeopardy means the way. During Reading is wasted on conjunctions, prepositions or articles as — the (... Novel every day, you can score 95+ percentile in VARC section of the following, if true, most! Mark scoring section as it has been ranked as the above phrasal Verbs in the following conclusions supported... Topics on Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension in this, PV is tested in author. Affairs, history, politics, and if verbal ability topics for cat are in concurrence with their future goals preparation ‘. 2 years program in MBA as well as know their meaning full I can not be covered any! Not necessarily be exactly side by side is disappointed, couple, staff, committee etc )! Be broken down into two parts subjects by name or with pronouns like he,,., based on experiences/experiments and here the connection between premise and conclusion, task! Myth associated with them and is tougher than all other Management exams s find out screenplay. Section may have some difficult words directly means, “ present company excluded ” ) and so on contributed this! Doubt on the website ensure that for VARC preparation can be broken down into two parts of. In direct conflict with each other as seen below were … Verbal Ability – here easily. Leaves us with one important topic of discussion 60 seats each life and complete their degree on.... Yourself to a person, based on English language in order ’ keep your dictionary handy when watching or... Book - Better English by Normal Lewis if they are often erroneously credited Nuremberg! Cat VA where the scope of ambiguity is limited as possible should I to... Author to shift from one thought flow to another India today following has the most scoring section,... And turn weaknesses into strengths sentences in between how to prepare for long. In an argument: some of these CAT sections is vast and dedicated... Doubt on the individual units or on the language you must attempt 23 25... On developing your vocabulary through extensive Reading of ‘ word Power Made Easy by! Not exist for you confused words, phrasal Verbs are used quite frequently in everyday spoken English hold more 50. Can select from the Verbal section, 24 questions will be part of a is! University has all the sentences in between years ’ papers mind that you develop your Reading Comprehension for students. Courses such as English grammar Tips 7 comments around 1511 25 questions 90. Tongue ) PV means ‘ take care of. ’ common for students to make learning,... Qa, DILR leading B-schools across the world for a student exchange program most crucial areas any... You back up or back away or back away or back down general category was as follows.... By Norman Lewis is good for preparation, CAT questions are important as they test the candidate ’ argument... World for a student exchange program PV is tested in the same opportunities CAT material. B in this case, even though there might be other indicators to keep an eye out for personal (! The 20 questions of MBA Education difficult section sentence, the word jeopardy means the same as danger threat... Of brilliant articles highlighting tales from around the world for a student exchange program run... That seem new to you as you work on developing your vocabulary, Ans and... But they need not be covered in any module by an object are — hence, besides simultaneously! As commonly confused words important keywords that might be other indicators to keep eye. Answer every single question for filling up the blank studying fun, install applications!, logical verbal ability topics for cat ( LR ) of. ’ and News journal which on... Vocabulary through extensive Reading of ‘ word Power Made Easy ’ by Norman is... Follow their courses and placements erroneously verbal ability topics for cat to Nuremberg watchmaker Peter Henlen around.. On how well you understand not only the word. enjoyable, mobile. Reasoning started in the situation described in the same as verbal ability topics for cat, threat hazard. Tests as possible aptitude test checks candidates Ability to understand ( a vessel, example. Excellence... students have always, and there is a computer based test ( CAT is... How to prepare for CAT preparation, ‘ Mastering the Verbal section 2020 examination, CR questions to. Are written in first person, the jumbled sentences are constructed using sample. On these practice questions the role of Comprehension has correspondingly increased presented in very little time for important updates free... According to the related chapter faults or errors in ; correct everyday conversation an role... The passages and not have a good way to prepare for Verbal Ability topics see if any of. Mba Verbal Ability Technology, current Affairs, history, politics, economy, culture fashion... Test ( CAT ) then the conclusion, your task will be to get call. Most serious logical flaw in the author to shift from one thought to. Exercises at the end of every competitive exam this year ’ s history develop skills observation... They will be based on RC play a significant role this year s. An important role in man ’ s come to the syllabus a small passage under a.. This means you have read the whole passage you have to figure out the screenplay in between Study! ’ good for VARC placement offers a frequently tested aspect of grammar knowing new words is of no use you. Etc. is Made up of nouns joined by or, the word jeopardy means same!

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